Saturday, May 28, 2011


Let me warn you before you start reading, i am just writing this to format my conscious mind. Couple of days back i attended this session on Self awareness in my company and came to know there are three states of minds 1. Conscious, 2 Sub conscious and 3. Unconscious. Conscious mind is what is in our hand and when you are upset that's when u need to refresh it. Yes and that is what i am right now "UPSET" and i don't know why, multiple things going in my mind and am not sure what to do.In the sessions we were told that Oxygen (Deep Breath) helps us clear your mind and one can think calmly, but it aint helping me either.

I m stuck with a question of what lies Ahead?? Whats next?? Where do i go from here?? Personally and Professionally both. I hope by the time i near the end of the blog i will erase the Chaos which is there. And as i wrote the previous statement i suddenly felt better. Its after a long time that temper has hit me so hard and i don't know what to do :(

I think its been very long since i laid my hands on a book, i worked on my B-Plan and i talked to my old buddies (PS: All of them feel i have become busy man and i don't have time for them. I apologize for not being in touch). I think i need to take all this up on priority.

I feel better now, think will go and have some ice-cream at Baskin Robbins :)

Thanks for reading.

Yours Always,

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Homemaker said...

Really nice Diwan... :)

Thats how I started to write.. :) Being homemaker I think of so many stuffs and just thought I should pass this to my daughter..

If you get a chance visit my blog and send some comments which will help me improve..


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