Friday, February 28, 2014

Please Contribute a little

873 Days, 20953 Hours, 1257120 Minutes....Tooo long a time isnt it?? Yes offcourse it is!! This is what it took me to write my next blog post. So what did i do during this time...Well i would say time well spent..traveled 15 countries, met new people, worked on like millions of business presentations and propositions, polished my photography skills ( Clicked some really nice Models ;) ), read 53 books,  learnt a new language - Mandarin ( That wasn't easy ), shifted my base to a new country, changed my 1st job,  put on a little weight :P, may be got a bit more mature ( At least i think one else and most important Got Married :) :)

But then i had to get back to my Long Lost Love!! Blogging. So off late i have been thinking on how busy people in corporate can contribute to the society and making world a better place to live. Today millions of people express their views/opinions/happiness/anger about issues existing today. Well appreciate your concern but what are you doing to contribute towards the execution???? Some of the classic examples i have seen in my network of friends.

1. Mr. Escapist....escapes again!!!Utter Non-Sense!! ( On a Chief Minister's resignation )
2. Really feel sad for the farmers situation..
3. May God give strength to the survivors from the Hurricane.
4. Met a group of Blind young students, very impressed with the progress of Blind School. Wish you very best for the future.
5. Cancer Research is doing a phenomenal job!! Keep it up!!
6. Just read about underage workers in Cocoa Fields. #Enraged

And there are many others examples..It is good that you are having a view and spreading it to people..But what did you personally contribute??? Did You ??? Most of the time the answer is NO.

Besides what is depressing is that the next status update is "Planning a beach holiday...Anyone interested?"..Is this is how we contribute to the society..There is nothing wrong in voicing a concern or an opinion but my request is contribute in making the change even though its tiny. Sponsor a child's education, take some time out of your schedule and spend it volunteering for the causes. help financially by supporting cancer research programs or by buying basic necessities for people in need or for people hit my natural calamities. There is always a way in which you can contribute it..You got to identify it.

I have a friend who gave up a highly paid corporate job to start a non profit organization.I was speaking to her and told its great there are so many people talking about it and helping in publicity. Do you know what she told me..of all the people who appreciate and talk about it hardly 3-5% actually contribute.....

Every minute little aid/contribution/time/support/grant ( You can call it anything) helps in making a DIFFERENCE.

I feel proud to say that i am contributing back to society..... DO YOU???


PS: I didn't want the blog to go in this direction but my thoughts overpowered and i am glad they did!!! By expressing my opinion if i am even able to make 1 person contribute back to the society..I will take it as a great start.


Rahul Ingle said...

Good going bro...good to see u back on the blogosphere......u write good, so keep writing :)

Vashistha Diwan said...

Thanks Rahul for the encouraging words.

Farshid Irani said...

Nice Brother....Appreciate your views....Keep it going strong....
"The world makes way for the person who knows where he is going" !!
Keep Smiling ! :-)

Aditya A. Aima said...

reminds me I haven't written for a long time as well.. after reading what you have written here reminded me of the things I have been to since the last day of college. It's a weard feeling when all the stuff comes to you in a flash. It feels like an era that has passed just in front of your eyes, an written book that is waiting for you.The rush is too much Sometimes and may be I will write it down someday somewhere but right now it's your space so I would say well written bro.

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