Saturday, January 2, 2010

Strictly for Rich

!!!!!!!Wish you and your Family a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Its 2010 and i hope it turns out to be a Marvelous year for you and you grow exponentially every day:-). Its been long time since i scribbled on the blog, thanks to the tight work schedule. Its a holiday today and am lazing out at home with friends. We had a mind blowing party on 31st night, Thanks to Karan, Aniket, Vishal, Sid, Rohit and Divya. You people must be wondering how is all the above text related to the Blog Title. Thought i will wish you all happy new year first:-)

Well, few days back i was reading some news on various business models when this brain wave struck me. But this is strictly for People who have lots of money and are ready to take Infinite risk with the money. The idea is like you start a company and your business is to buy franchises of various Business (across industries). I will elaborate, After a thorough market research you identify a Tier 2 city, and you buy a franchisee of food outlet (E.g. McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc), Next you plan to setup a bookshop (E.g. Crossword). Next you get into Investment , you may open a Reliance money outlet, After that you do some more market research and realize there is a need for a gym here and u open another franchisee and so on for different sectors.

This was a sample example. In order to build a successful model, you will have to research thoroughly on the need of the place, spending power of people, Competition in the market, Investment to Return ratio, openness of people to new idea, Operational and Capital expenditure, Administration and Logistics issues, Connectivity (Travel and Information) and many more micro and macro economic factors. There may be a case where after a solid research you realize its only feasible to open an insurance franchisee in a particular place (And then you realize the investment you have put in research is quite high which in turn will reduce your ROI). You will face lot of challenges while implementing such a model, but i strongly feel you can earn significant profit if this model is implemented after comprehensive research.

People like me who don't have so much capital to implement this kind of model, this model is our inspiration and motivation to work really hard and gather the capital required to be able to implement such a model. All the best to everyone.

I am looking forward to your valuable comments on this model.




keyur joshi said...

Hello Bro,

Happy new year 2 u also....

Well, as we all know the amount of money these MNCs spend before their products or services launch (may be in billions....). Many times it looks just uncertain to compete them.

Well, However, I strongly feel that if you want to do business den may be less capital is enough.
Though, struggle may be more.. (also may be great stressful many times)...but. its all about guts and confidence...of yours.

For Example, the great Sandeep Manudhane(Founder of PT Universe) start his own Education venture in 1991 in his motor garage. (sounds unrealistic?/) may be .....but its truth.....n now all may be most of the students who are preparing for MBA Entrance exams...know PT Education very well.

please note that once...his PT Education went successful.he thought of starting of which he has spent crores and crores rupees...(Here starts the business model that you are telling... as this man have built this b-school after lot of market research....)

Also, you may be thought of other examples as of the Patels of Gujarat.....???(Well, we know that they are already rich.....but...they must be poor before many decade!!!however, just have a look at their unity concept.... If i am reach then my bro... sis....should also be reach...... n thats why may be most of the Patels are rich......!!!!)

Well, that's all my thoughts says.......If one has strong feeling to do the business in particular area....then one should just forget about everything(However, he/she should be get updated...through their market contacts.......) n all that stuffs....

Thats all about my thoughts...

Thanks.KEEP BLOGGING!!!(N tell me if you start up your venture..... i would be glad to become your partner..ha ha!!!)

djkrayon said... certainly was a great start to the year....we shall rock the next year n have a similar blast again!!!!

Lotta lessons learnt from the brainstorming sessions; its the right kindda frequencies, that tune to generate breakthrough ideas...this year is the year they will come true!!!!

best of luck!!

plagiaristic said...

Nice one VD...

But what I think is there are so more non-commercial terms has to be considered before jumping into the market research.

I personaly feel that, before jumping into any kind of frenchise if you on your own have to do such a strong, in-depth research... than going into a frenchise is of no use... Rather we can start our own venture (may be in the same industry).

Though you by doing the same you can initial struggle period of 3-5 year. But later you can njoy the fruits of your own perspirations. May even you can start laying out frechises...[:-)]

mitul shah said...

“Money attracts money “, it’s the only mantra ……………..
But real magic is without investing more capital how you generate business… real beauty lies there. We always want to do business for that as you have said we need heavy capital. Due to that roi initially less and struggle is high but as your blog is for strictly rich then they don’t face this kind of question but the question which I am raising here is for normal people because its detrimental for them to invest heavy .Then the question is where we can generate that kind of business which requires very less capital.

One thing always comes in my mind is trading. Not of stocks only goods and other kind of commodities as well as clothes. Find the niche market of it. Like buy from here in creadit and sell to the niche market in credit and manage both of them. Ex. Here in Calcutta there is no omum water u will get and in south like in cities like Bangalore omum water is very famous ……so there is ample number of opportunity for that if u can trade here as well as u can do export also …..

May be I will be wrong but I believe in starting with some and creating many ……this are my thoughts

Signing off: mitul shah (epmi-iim Calcutta)

Rohit said...

Hey Vashistha,
Wish u a Very Happy new Year as well.
A good topic to give some food for thought.
I would say that it can be one of the options for "Strictly Rich" people to be investing in franchise.
However an issue would be that franchises would have their own working models, payments,inventory & other operations to be performed according to the policies defined. A rich investor might not be comfortable with this at various stages of operations and investments.Instead it would be a better option starting an own venture. Since it already involves lots of manageability.
In that case i feel that Handling franchises can be done using other forms of investing(loans etc.)

Keep pouring in your lovely ideas

$hail said...

Well this still requires lots of brain storming bro... but with such a model Venture Capitalists would come in picture big time that too at every expansion step... then only the feasibility aspect can be achieved... UNLESS U R TOO RICH!!!

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