Sunday, June 7, 2009

A perfect Welcome

Its 10:00 am as i write this and its second day at my pune home. Its a 2 BHK spacious flat and 6 of us are stayin together i.e. Abhishek(Jackie), Raghu(MRV), Varun(Model), Vaibhav(Balloooo), Vedik and obviously me:).

I arrived at pune station at 10:25 pm on 5th june, the journey in the train was not much fun so no point talking about it and the was not feeling good as had left home so all this feelings took over me in my train journey anyways. Here i was at station waiting for Raghu and Vishal (Sher - my roomie at Symbi). Then i saw raghu, i cant describe it...i was so happy....i remember hw tough it was when we left the college...and here we were together. we went out an were waiting for vishal at Commesum and we see him coming with couple of bags which i had left at his place. WOW its feels so exciting to meet them after 2 very long months. Vishal had some work at home so he dint accompany us. I and raghu took an auto to our new flat on baner road, we had to pickup jackie from FC road. Met jackie, he was leaving forUS next day for a project. Three of us sat tight in auto with my luggage, 3 Large bags, 1 laptop bag and guitar. We had an argument with the auto driver for the charges (like we have it everytime). I was in no mood to argue and paid him the sum. The area seemed nice and peacefull and here i was at my New Home.

Nice spacious flat and newly painted and yes very good ventilation. A new Tv with Big Tv connection, 2 Fridges only one working;), kitchen full of shoes. We are still to organize the house and some stuff is still to come. Me and raghu had our dinner. Model, ballu and vedik were not there at home. i switched on the TV and we were watching england vs netherland match. Varun came home followed by Vaibhav and Vedik. Vedik is vaibhav's friend and now our friend and he being a gujju it was easy synchro with him:). We watched the match as England lost, upset in first match at worldcup. Balloo went to sleep as he had a medical checkup in morning. We all retired to bed at 3.

i woke up at 8 in morning everyone was fast asleep, balloo had left. I was planning to write all this stuff but didnt feel like writing. i freshened up and played mafia wars for some time. i had tol leave at 11:30 am for some work. Everyone woke up and we had some chat andi started getting ready. Jackie also had some work out so he got ready and we took a bus to university and then took and auto from there to senapati bapat road.

I met aniket and rohit (Symbi juniors and very good friends). i finsied my work at around 3 and it was raining hard. First rains for me this year, i took an auto to our flat and reached there. Everone was waiting for lunch. We ordered food from Faasos. I and raghu went out to buy some stuff for the home till the food arrived. We also got some Cad B (Famous Rich Chocolate dring in punen and our favorite too). Raghu got a call from Varun and told him "Jaldi aao Faasos waala wait ker raha hai". We were surprised why is he waiting for us. But then varun told raghu "Hamare paas paise nahi hai". Fact is we had taken all the money to buy the stuff and this poor Faasos Guy and our friends were waiting for us while we were roaming around and getting CAD B. We hurried home and paid the sum. Then we had petful of lunch and had CAD B afterwards to give the meal a perfect ending.

Jackie was supposed to leave at in evening for mumbai, he had a flight from Mumbai - Frankfurt - Chicago - Kansas City. And we were planning to go to college. It was 6 in evening and jackie was ready to leave. Swapnil (Our Band Drummer), Nehaji and khushboo had come to meet.Everyone bid Jackie a Bon voyage. As we had plan to visit our campus as some of our collegeues are staying there until they get their final locations. Vedik dropped varun to campus on his bike and then he had some work so left. I got in car with Jackie and he dropped me at wakad bridge and Sid (symbi junior, Basist of our band and one of my fav junior) came to pick me up from there. Raghu arrived 45 mins later on varun's bike.

It was wonderfull to be back on campus and our memories got fresh. Met Ashish (another roomie at symbi). Man we had gr8 time at Symbi. I regularly used to update Bhatia (as we call Ashish, Kale bhatia to be specific) on his area of interest (For more details about area of interest contact him).Also met Madhan (Bhatia's competitor), Dinap, Sherry, Ravindra, Arun and mohsin (Star cricketer Ironicaly). Met some of juniors also. Super juniors were playin cricket and i and and bhatia couldnt resist and went on for a match. I felt so good to be on the field after long time especially after losing in semi-finals.

I cant describe the feeling of being back on campus. Met Rahul (kakade) he got placed and seemed very happy. Heavy downpour started and we went on to play Table Tennis. Met Dipen (my gujju friend) he used to love playing Table tennis and basket ball. Met buddha(Barun) when he was back to campus. The first question everyone asked was "Kitni baar bimaar hua 2 mahine me". Met Raagini also and as usual we all started teasing her. Kunal was going to reach late and Maddy (Madhan) was goin to pick him up.

It was time to bid adieu to campus and we all headed back to campus with Bhatia, swapnil coming back and lalaji (Rakesh) planning to join us at home. Everyone gathered at home and we had full plan to watch India first match with Bangladesh. We had nice dinner after lalaji and Bhatia finished with their drinking. Match too ended on happy note with Yuvraj's bllistering knocj and couple of amazing catches and Ojha bagging MoM award for his 4/21 on his debut.

And the Day also ended on a very happy, excitng , amazing and wonderfull note. I am simply short of words. Thank you all for making my day, a day to remember.

Yours Lovingly,


Shaswat said...

Wow so much fun in just two days...
dats gr8!!!
no worries ders more to come...

mitul shah said...

bhai nice to read all that happenings.......good to see you enjoyin after symbi

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