Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short, sweet and quickie

I wish i finish this post quickly. I have finished my dinner and m too tired to write but there is a bug in me which is not letting me sleep n making me write this. By end of second sentence my hands have started getting in motion and my brain refuses to think and my heart is trying to do the brain's work but can't as it ll be short of blood supplies to other parts of my body. Anyways where was i, well forget it.

Ya so i plan to read my novel everyday before sleeping but am too tired when i come back from office and am unable to forget reading.....But Leaders are readers.........and i too like them can't stay away from reading:) and ya Blue is cool. Faithless here i come, oh that's the book which i am reading by Karin Slaughter. Excellent book. I recommend it.

Well now my heart is refusing to think, my brain has stopped wrrrrrittttttinggggggg and my hands are refusing to send blood to my heart for writing..........ohhhhhhhhhh...I think i should go to sleep.Good Bye
God Bless All

Yours Lovingly

Note: This post is an "Upkaar" to my blog and an E-waste. Please Ignore and ya Blue is really cool.

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