Saturday, June 27, 2009

It lured me into Temptation

It was a Saturday morning and a holiday and i was wide awake at 8:00 am in morning. All roomies were sound asleep and i didn't know what to do. I had plans for the day, i had to go to buy a second hand bike. Somehow i managed to pass the time till 10 and still everyone was sleeping.

"Chal Varun uth, bike lene jaana hai" i told varun, In deep sleep he told me "Dopahar ko chalte hai abhi sone de" and he was off to sleep again. I went to wake up Raghu "Chal raghu uthja bike lene chalte hai". "Yaar raat ko late soya, dopahar ko chalenge" he told me and was to back in his slumber again. It was a bright sunny day and perfect time to go out. They woke up at around 12:30. I called up Vishal (My Roomie at Symbi for 2 yrs and a very good friend, and a very helping guy) so that he can assist us in getting bike as he is a localite.He was not well and refused to come.

I called up Aniket (Symbi Junior, Read his blog ) so that he could assist us in getting the bike as only he could speak marathi. We were supposed to go to Raasta peth (Area in Pune where we get lots of second hand bikes). Aniket would come by college bus to E-Square (Popular Multiplex in pune) and from there we would go together to Raasta peth. Finally everyone got ready and we left at 2:30 from home. Me , Raghu and Model (Varun) were waiting for Bus to E-Square. And suddenly it became cloudy, Black clouds started floating above our heads. "Maine bola tha tum log ko subeh chalo, ab baarish me gile hona" i cursed raghu n varun as they giggled looking at each other. We waited about 15 min for the Bus and there was no sign of it. Finally we took an Auto. As soon we sat it started drizzling. It was raining and Raghu and Varun were squeezing me in the auto from both sides so they didnt get wet. By the time we reached E-Square it had started raining pretty fast.In 5 min Aniket joined us.

It was raining cats and dogs and with mice running in our stomachs we were waiting to get another bus to Raasta peth and it was impossible to go out to see bikes. So we decided to roam in Kakade Center Point(Shopping Mall). We started roaming around going in different shops thats when we discovered a Gaming parlour and Raghu was the first one to rush in. Then we discovered a Pool table and everyone was like "bike ke liye kal jaayenge aaj pool khelte hai aur fir gher chalte hai". You should have seen expression on my face. Then we decided to play for sometime and if rain stopped we will go for bike. We bought the membership for parlour for 200 Rs and started playing pool costing 35 rs a frame. Team was I and Model Vs Raghu and Aniket. First game we lost with my score of 1. Now after loosing i wanted to win the second game. This time after the game started varun potted 4 balls in a row and we were looking good, and suddenly he potted the Black ball, We had lost, The frame was over but before the supervisor could see we placed the black ball back on the table. We continued and lost the Game. Thus we had lost 3 Games by playing 2 games.

It was already 4:30 and rain had stopped. I thanked god for it. This people had made full plans to go back home. Finally we took a bus to Raasta peth. There was some drizzling going on but it was ok. And guess what we reached Raasta peth at 6, it is only 30 min drive, We were completely famished.

There are Auto consultants in Raasta peth who have these second hand bikes, if u like any bike they talk to the owner and you can directly negotiate with the owner. There are lot of consultants and around 2000 bikes lying around, Any bike you want, you will get it. I wanted to get a Yamaha. At first shop there was a Yamaha Enticer and Yamaha RX 100 available. We went on to various shops and roamed for around 30 min and after looking at lots of bikes i finally had 2 options Bajaj Pulsar 180 2003 model and Yamaha Enticer 2003 model, Both costing 23,000. Raghu and Varun took test drive of both the bikes and left the decision on me. I am big fan of Yamaha and decided to get YAMAHA ENTICER. Raghu Negotiated the amount and deal was freezed for 21k.

Raghu and Aniket took a bus and reached home, i and varun went to temple, then gurudwara, got some sweets and went home. Finally i bought a bike after a dramatic day. Thanks Aniket, Raghu and Varun for helping me get a bike. And i am in totally in love with the bike. I feel like King when i drive it. I plan to get into Cruiser Segment only if i plan to get another bike.Have a look at the Pics of the Bike. The guy in Yellow T-shirt is Aniket.

"Yamaha Enticer proved the significance of its name. Yamaha did Entice me (Lure me) to buy the Bike."



Neha said...

hey.. nw v knw d long & sad story behind ur buyin dis new bike.. c finally, u got it d same day.. so celebrate..

sarah said...

Nice shiny bike......lukn gud on it....

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